Photo of Molly DiRago

Molly litigates complex commercial matters, focusing on biometrics and privacy, class actions, partnership and shareholder disputes, and consumer fraud. Molly takes a results-oriented approach and finds creative solutions for her clients, whether through litigation or extrajudicial procedures.

Editor’s Note: Texas, Oregon, and Delaware became the latest states to pass a comprehensive privacy bill, while the CPRA, Connecticut, and Colorado’s privacy laws came into force. In the litigation world, the FTC filed an amended complaint against Kochava, and the HHS settled with a psychiatric center that disclosed patient information in an online review. This month, international efforts focused on AI, as European Parliament members approved the AI Act, and the Japanese privacy watchdog warned OpenAI about collecting sensitive user data.

Editor’s Note: Montana became the latest state to pass a comprehensive privacy bill, joining California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Tennessee. Florida, too, passed a privacy bill, but with a much narrower scope. Meanwhile, at the federal level, the House Energy and Commerce Committee continued to work on the federal analog: the American Data Privacy and Protection Act. In U.S. litigation, courts continued to see litigation under the Video Privacy Protection Act, including a new suit against Hearst Television. At the international level, European Parliament members adopted a nonbinding opinion to vote against the EU-U.S. Transfer Agreement, and the French CNIL leveraged a fine against Clearview AI for noncompliance.