Photo of Susie Lloyd

Susie is a litigation associate in the firm’s Privacy + Cyber practice. Her primary focus is assisting clients in the consumer finance industry, including data breach class actions and related regulatory actions in federal and state courts with respect to numerous privacy laws and regulations, including but not limited to VPPA.

Editor’s Note: In recent regulatory and enforcement developments, the White House announced a new executive order aimed at strengthening cybersecurity at U.S. ports, and another executive order was issued to protect sensitive personal information. Additionally, the FCC prohibits using AI to clone voices. Data breach litigation continues to surge with one company striking a class action settlement agreement with payments of up to $75,000 per class member. In an interesting twist, the beauty company L’Occitane is suing a law firm seeking declaratory judgment that California’s wiretapping law is unconstitutional. Internationally, the Canadian government investigates a breach of its own agency, and ASEAN and the EU published a joint guide on cross-border contractual clauses.